Wk 2 – Art Experience – Landscape with a corpse


How do I want to die? When first hearing about this project I never really gave it much thought. Death was not something I wanted to think about. When I first heard about this project, I felt an uneasiness within me. At first, I thought maybe I feared death. However, I found myself realizing my true fear, not living. My true fear is not being dead, but rather not being remembered. So really, I am apathetic to death. I don’t picture my death being a visually appealing event. Heck, I don’t even want it to be an “event” at all.

I want my death to be bland. I want it to be boring. I want it to be simple. I want to die knowing that my life was beautiful and amazing and with me spending every second appreciating it rather then thinking about death.

In these pictures, I had a friend take pictures of me on a bed in a room with no decorations. An empty room with nothing but me and a bed. These picture were supposed to represent the “boring” death I desire. These were supposed to be pictures that would contrast the amazing pictures of me being alive and enjoying life.



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