Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Mimi Haddon

This week I had the privilege seeing the work of an artist named Mimi Haddon. She got her degree from  California State Long Beach and has come back to school to learn more about making costumes. She is a photographer and a fiber art student. She’s gets her inspiration for her art from indigenous cultures. Her works consists of T shirts that’s shes been given and t shirts from a Goodwill. She dissects the shirts and stitches them together. When starting a project she doesn’t really plan what she’s gonna do. She views material as costumes of the room rather than a person.She bounces around projects unless she has a deadline for a specific project, that is when she focuses on that one project.


This piece include pieces of shirts that are different colors. They are cut and shaped to look like balloons. I’m not exactly what is used to hold them up. They are held up in rows, 5 x 9. There are 45 in total and there doesn’t seem to be a particular.

According to Haddon, this piece was inspired by Santa Monica pier. She saw deflated balloons in the pier and the sight stuck to her mind. This piece in consistent with her fiber art as she took shirts and pieced them together to form deflated balloon shapes. Ideas she is trying to explore are the themes of delfatedness.

The way i personally see this piece is the feeling of being deflated. On the outside we seem fine (hence the colorfulness) but on the inside we may feel deflated or defeated. But notice how there isn’t just one deflated balloon, but rather many. I see these balloons as people. Though in life we may feel deflated, we should remember that we are never alone in our gloominess and can count on each other for support.



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