Art Wk 4 -Artist Conversation – Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah

Artists Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah are 2 CSULB artists that joined forces to showcase their work in a show called IMMATERIALS. They decided to work together after seeing similarities in their work.

Elmer Guevara is from South La which has influenced his work. He at a young age knew he wanted a future in art. He had early exposure to art through his cousins, who created graffiti in LA. He transferred from East La College to CSULB. He is a drawing and painting major. His works displayed are of people he interviewed and took pictures of from the streets of LA.


In this piece, he interviewed a woman on the street name Anna. She is a senior citizen in the street of LA. In this piece, the material used would be oil on canvas. This piece like so any of his other pieces is a collage of the background fragmented and distorted with the image of Anna.

Robert Nehemiah is also a drawing and painting major at CSULB. Like Elmer, he is a transfer student, this time from Rio Hondo Community College.  Unlike Elmer, he was actually planning to be a firefighter with the “have to get a job” mind sight. However that changed, and now he is focusing on art.


Robert creates his work with the theme of detachment from materialism. That is, breaking from possession and material. That is seen with the relationship between the subject and material. Some of his work include materials such as cardboard. He says those materials aren’t meant to last like how people don’t last forever. His subjects are the people that influenced him the most in his life. He ends the exhibit with a picture of himself which is seen up above.

Robert’s instagram: wookieewarrior

Elmer’s instagram: 3lmski1



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