Wk 6 – Art Work Story


Hailey Rose Kosinski

13″x 11″


CSULB School of Art: Gatov Gallery West

Greg Letombeur was a high school student flying for the first time on an airplane. He and his classmates were on a plane to the United States until all of a sudden, the engine blew up. The plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Greg was the only one to survive and he washed up on an island. For many years he had to learn how to live and fight on his own. He befriended natives and soon became the king of this island. Many years passed by and he had grown into a man. Though he loved his life as king, he could not find a queen. So, on a raft he headed north in search of a wife. He wounded up in the gulf  of Florida where he saw many potential brides. He was confused that every girl had told him “I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend”. How can every girl’s name be “sorry I have a boyfriend”? Surely he wanted to explore all options so he asked a fellow French male, “Where can I find a wife”? The male responded with a place he’s never heard of: Tinder. Alas, Greg knew he had to find this place and when he did, he would for sure find his queen! Beware Tinder!


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