Wk – 7 – Artist Conversation – Tidawhitney Lek

Tidawhitney Lek is a student at CSULB. She is majoring in Drawing and Painting and is set to graduate this semester. She was always into drawing, starting at a really young age. She resides in Long Beach but is planing to go to Grad School somewhere in the east coast. She made this exhibit with Juliana Bustillo.

The medium used is paper (lots of it) and wire. The colors of the exhibit are only black and white. The paper covers the whole exhibit. There were papers crumpled, cut, hanging, and were made into abstract geometric shapes.

The abstract nature of the exhibit is represented in the title of the exhibit: Doodles in Space. When doodling, the artist doesn’t really have a plan on what to draw. In most cases the drawing turns out to be abstract just like this exhibit. The color was made to be black and white to focus more on the shapes and other features of the exhibit.

When I first walked in I was confused. I didn’t understand what was happening as I was just expecting a gallery. Walking in for the first time the first aspect that I noticed was abstract nature of the exhibit. I looked at everything inside and I trying to see if the shapes were supposed to be material objects. Then I noticed that everything was black and white. So I looked at the description and saw the title of the exhibit and realized that everything was a “doodle in space”. Meaning to me that the exhibit was doodles in a 3d space. Thats what I took away from this wonderful exhibit.


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