Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – David DeSantis

David DeSantis is a senior majoring in print making at California State Long Beach. He is currently residing in Westiminster.  He spent his early years drawing motorcycles and wanting to design motorcycles in the future. However, he realized how complicated that would be so turned his focus onto art.

A lot of his art is inspired by music, especially dub step and hard rock. He also gets his inpiration from anime and and other cultures. His work embraces Accidental abstact forms and shapes in various manners.


This piece is called  “Gem Shard Shogun”. This was influenced by anime and samurai. He liked the idea of mask representing a demon to scare enemies away. This was also influenced by the song “Gem Shard” by MUST DIE!.

I like this piece as it showcases Japanese culture. I was actually surprised that samurai’s helmets were supposed to scare opponents away I always wondered why it looked the way it did. The tone of the piece is also reflective of the song “Gem Shards”.

Instagram: rapturefineart


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