Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Brittany Waters

Brittany Water is a senior majoring in Ceramics. She is from Northern California and went to Sierra College before coming to California State Long Beach. Her inspiration for her art comes from nature.

Her exhibit #MoreThanASandbox is a unique one. Walking in the exhibit you can see pictures of sea turtles on the walls. When walking through you start to realise that there’s real sand on the floor. Turning the corner, you see a beach scene with a beach chair surrounded by sand. There are little ceramic sea turtles headed to the video of the ocean, making it look like a really realistic scene of a beach.

Brittany wanted to show that the beach was more than a sandbox, rather, the beach is not only a place where humans can have fun and relax. The beach is also a place where animals can live. Sea turtles were used as an example as they are endangered. The beach scene is meant to cause awe and remind people that the beach could be more than a play place for humans.

Walking in I was amazed. I personally never saw an exhibit so unique in it’s ability to create a scene and inspire. Before this exhibit, whenever I heard of the word “Beach” I automatically thought of surfing, swimming, tanning, and parties. After this exhibit, I realized that beaches could serve a different purpose, a more meaningful one.

Brittany’s instagram: @artbywaters


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