Wk 10 – Art Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning – The USU Wedge

Photo of the CSU Long Beach University Student Union where it meets the road and the Brotman Hall plaza showing a pedestrian choke point between 2 architectural decor panels

Ahh the Wedge, only CSULB student know about this legendary problem. If i were to redesign this area, I would shorten the bench, get rid of the pillar, and shorten the object containing the plants next to the pillar. Here is how it would look like (of course the white represents the open space)

Usu Wedge

I made these decisions because of this picture I saw:


I looked at length of the bench and realized it was too long. I indicated the area I wanted to delete with the yellow highlighter. Never at my time at Long Beach have i seen anyone actually sitting at the end of that bench. Why would they if they knew people pass right behind you all the time? The guy trying to pass by is blocked by that bench so shortening seems like a good idea. If the school cares about the symmetric value of the two benches I’d say shorten both and add a third one in between so there is still enough room in case the benches get full.

I also got rid of the pillar. I’m pretty sure the other pillars can support the top, if not, then i recommend thinning the pillars out. Also I want to make the grass holding objects smaller as it is unnecessarily in the way. I realize however the aesthetic value of the plants so I recommend just get rid of the the part indicated by the yellow highlighter.

These small differences can have a huge impact on the spacing of that wedge. It would be able to fit in 2 people at a time and thus negate the obstruction of traffic. It would look like this:

Usu Wedge example

If this design is chosen, then a year from now students will thank me. They’d be so appreciative the would name the wedge after me. There would be the Carpenter center, Brotman Hall, and Mandanas Wedge. Though the current students may rejoice, I feel like alumni may harbor ill feelings towards me for destroying an old tradition and feel bad for future students who will never understand their struggle back in “their times”. A year from now students will be talking about how Roy Mandanas helped make their college experience even better.


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