Wk 12 – Art Experience – Ethnography (Pre-Electric Cultures)

I thought this experience would be a lot easier than what had actually occurred. It was hard, way too hard. When i thought “no electricity”, I thought that hardest part would be boredom. But outside I had a basketball court and my dog to play with. In actuality it was frustrating trying to go to sleep. It was way too cold no matter how many layers of clothing i brought outside. I usually get a good amount of sleep but this night was nearly impossible. So i caved in and went inside and pretty much failed this experience. I think people survived without constant stimulation because they were never exposed to it. Unlike people today, since we know the feeling of constant stimulation through technology, its nearly impossible to survive without it. I definitely want to try not to be too attached to technology and be outside more, however I realized there is no turning back to ethnography. I want a balance of both



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