Wk 15 – Art Activity – Design The Life You Really Want


What I’m currently taking right now is Political Science. I preparing myself to become a lawyer. My 5 year plan includes a lot of studying, internships, and more studying. I know Law school isn’t perceived to be fun or life fulfilling to most people, but I enjoy debating and i think I can make a great lawyer if I continue to focus. Something that ticks me off though, (I know I know… this is kind of unrelated to this project) is the fact that lawyers are perceived to be heartless and people who just want money. I’m not heartless and I don’t think I’m going to be. I do want the money though, however it has more to do with future financial costs and less about me being greedy. For example, in the future  don’t want my kids to worry about student loans or having to pay for their own education. So I get it, being a lawyer is boring and even immoral to people, but I don’t see it that way. Anyways, enough of that rant, let’s get on with the program.



I don’t think this would happen anytime soon. This would only happen if there was an app that helped defendants with their cases. Shhh don’t tell the tech guys this… Anyways, I would choose to be a political analyst. My plan includes a lot of research projects because I need successful projects for my resume. My end goal is to work for the government, mainly the CIA. I don’t know what exactly I’d be doing, but saying i work for the CIA feels rewarding enough for me.



Now this the good stuff. If money didn’t matter and people wouldn’t laugh at me for doing this I’d be… a writer for a comedy show like SNL or the Daily Show. Honestly i don’t think I’m funny enough to keep millions of viewers entertained and laughing. The main reason for me to do this was to make myself laugh. I have some ideas for skits and jokes that pop into my head sometimes and I’d like to seem them acted out. I’d try to make a successful blog in my 5 year plan. I’d pray that someone would find it funny and they would hire me. If they don’t its fine, because money doesn’t matter in this alternate reality.



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